River Rapids Adventure

Journey through the lush landscape, exciting white water rapids and picturesque river pools of the Rio Bueno.

Your river boarding adventure begins with a scenic drive to the historic Rio Bueno River where you will have a short safety briefing and training exercise.

Next, grab your river board, safety equipment and walk across the swaying “Irie Bridge” for a short hike through the cool rainforest to the starting point of your River Boarding adventure trip down the challenging River.

Kids (8 -11 yrs.) USD$50.00 /Adults USD $65.00 (tubing)
Kids (8 -11 yrs.) USD$70.00 /Adults USD $50.00 (rafting)
Adults (must be 12 yrs & over) USD $70.00 (boarding)
Adults (must be 12 yrs & over) USD $70.00 (kayaking)
Adults (must be 12 yrs & over) USD $10.00 (Bengal Falls)

Opening hours:
Daily 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

Braco Estate, Duncans P.O. 3, Trelawny

(876) 954-0185